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Yokomo Sp-02D RWD Drift Spec Servo (LOW PROFILE/CORELESS)(Sp-02D)

Vendor: Yokomo



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Team Yokomo drivers have been testing the SP-02D at several different circuits in Japan with many different levels of steering Gyro and confirmed the perfection. The affordable price is one of the highlights of this product for beginners to advanced drifters. Enjoy the state-of-the-art, all new RWD drift servo SP-02D. Utilizing the now favored low profile design the new servo stays lightweight and compact. Using a precision core-less motor, a smooth steering characteristic specifically for RWD has been achieved in the circuit design and programming. ?SPEC ?Voltage?4.8V?6.0V ?Speed?0.105sec / 60? (4.8V)??0.093sec / 60? (6.0V) ?Torque?10kg?cm (4.8V)??12kg?cm (6.0V) ?Case Size?41.0?20.2?27.0mm ?Final Gear?Aluminum 25T Spline (F type)