SkyRC NC2600 AA/AAA Charge Analyzer

SkyRC SKU: 2990000084699
SkyRC NC2600 AA/AAA Charge Analyzer - Excel RC

SkyRC NC2600 AA/AAA Charge Analyzer

SkyRC SKU: 2990000084699
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MPN: SK-100113-03 UPC: EAN: 6930460003515

The charger has four compartments for AA batteries and AAA batteries and it is able to charge both AA and AAA batteries simultaneously. Due to different battery capacity, you could set the charge rate accordingly or set all at once. With charging,discharging, refresh & analyze, break-in and cycle functions as well as individual LCD displays for charging status; this charging unit is reliable, user-friendly and ideal for use in the home, office or on a trip.

You could control this smart charger by your smart phone via Bluetooth Smart. Operating this charger on your smart phone gives you the best using experience . What's more, more functions (optional Delta Peak Value and Discharge Termination Voltage) and information (battery temp, internal resistance and voltage graphic) are available on you mobile device.

Standard Alone Mode   Smart Phone Control Mode  

Charging Current   0.2-2.6A   0.2-2.6A  

Delta Peak   5mV   3-15mV  

Discharging Current   0.1-1.0A   0.1-1.0A  

Discharging Termination Voltage   0.9V   0.5-1.0V  

Battery Capacity Range   500mAh-3500mAh   500mAh-3500mAh  

No. of Cycle   1-12   1-12  

Top off Charging Current   100mA   100mA  

Maintenance Charging Current(Trickle)   30mA   OFF, 10mA-50mA  

Temperature Portection   55?   55-70?  

DC Adaptor Input Power   12V/2.5A   USB Power   5V/2.1A  

Weight(Without DC Adaptor)   360g   Dimensions(L*W*H)   154x104x51mm

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