Sanwa M12S 4channel Transmitter w/ RX472 Receiver, LiFe Tx Batt, Charger Only

Sanwa SKU: 2990000064288
Sanwa M12S 4channel Transmitter w/ RX472 Receiver, LiFe Tx Batt, Charger Only
Sanwa M12S 4channel Transmitter w/ RX472 Receiver, LiFe Tx Batt, Charger Only
Sanwa M12S 4channel Transmitter w/ RX472 Receiver, LiFe Tx Batt, Charger Only
Sanwa M12S 4channel Transmitter w/ RX472 Receiver, LiFe Tx Batt, Charger Only

Sanwa M12S 4channel Transmitter w/ RX472 Receiver, LiFe Tx Batt, Charger Only

Sanwa SKU: 2990000064288
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MPN: SNW101A31673A UPC: EAN: 4944683030366

M12S Super Features:

  • 30% Faster Response Time Than the Original M12 - It's the Fastest Radio in the World, Period!
  • Telemetry Mixing Allows You to Mix Telemetry Data and Telemetry Alerts to Various Channels
  • Telemetry Assign Allows External Device to Connect and Control Many Transmitter Functions
  • BASIC Menu Simplifies Transmitter Use - Easily Switch Between BASIC and STANDARD Menus
  • Enhanced CODE AUX Function Allow Naming and Support of Up to 10 Different Functions
  • Model Template Function Allows You to Quickly and Easily Set Up Complicated Models
  • Includes Lightweight, Long Lasting 2S 6.6V 1850mAh Li-Fe Battery and Matching AC Charge
  • Adjustable Trigger Lever to Custom Fit Your Finger Size
  • Steering Wheel Offset Bracket Allows Expanded Custom Adjustments
  • Enhanced Vibration Alerts and Customizable Vibration Levels
  • Enhanced LCD with Optional White or Blue Background Colors
  • Earphone Jack Allows You to Hear Alerts and Alarms Without Outside Noise Interference
  • Expanded Ackerman Function
  • Expanded Timer/Alarm Functions, Including New Countdown Timer
  • Throttle Slow Monitors the Transmitter's Voltage and Closes the Throttle to Alert You to Recharge
  • Response Mode LEDs to See Current Throttle and Steering Response Modes at a Glance
  • Expanded Racing Mode Function

System Features:

  • 4-Channel 2.4GHz FH4T Digital High-Response Telemetry System
  • Advanced Programming and SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) Support
  • Large 128 x 256 LCD Screen with Optional White or Blue Backlight
  • High-Power FH4T Technology Provides the Best Reception and Connectivity
  • 50 Model Memory w/ Direct Model Select Up to 3 Models
  • Steering and Throttle Channel Response Mode LED Indicators
  • 10 Car Type Templates Including 3 Crawler Setups
  • User-Selectable Start-Up Screen
  • PC LINK Allows PC-Connectivity (Requires Mini USB Cable)
  • Receiver Safety Link
  • Telemetry Logging and Servo Monitor
  • Five Racing Modes Allow Setup Changes on the Fly While Driving
  • Model Select, Naming, Copy, Clear and Sort
  • Model Templates Make Programming Difficult Models Easier
  • Selectable Modulation Type
  • Programmable Push-Button Switches, Trim Switches, Lever and Dial
  • Telemetry Assign Allows External Device to Control Transmitter Functions
  • Customizable Vibration Alarms and Timers
  • Servo Reversing
  • Steering, Throttle and Brake Dual Rate
  • End Point Adjustment
  • Exponential, ARC and Curve Adjustments
  • Servo Speed Adjustment
  • Anti-Lock Braking
  • User Naming
  • Throttle Offset and Throttle Hold
  • Lap Timer, Two Interval Timers and Countdown Timer
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Lap Timer Display
  • Two Compensation Mixers
  • Two Telemetry Mixers
  • Channel Set Custom Menu
  • Normal, SHR and SSR Channel Response Modes
  • Center or Parallel Trim Types
  • Programmable Fail Safe
  • Receiver Battery Voltage Fail Safe
  • Digital Trims and Servo Sub-Trim
  • Control Calibration Function
  • Selectable Throttle Bias
  • Adjustable Key Volume and Tones
  • Programmable Low Voltage Alert and Limit Alarms
  • Separate Display Mode Button
  • Inactivity and Over Voltage Alarms
  • Digital Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Adjust for Right-Handed or Left-Handed Use

Transmitter Specifications: 
Output Power: 100mW 
Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8 to 7.4v (6.6v Default) 
Operating Voltage Range: 4.0 to 9.0v 
Dry Weight: 19.9oz (564g) 
Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS 
Modulation Type: FH3 or FH4T (User Selectable) - Does Not Support FH2 Modulation

Receiver Specifications: 
Nominal Input Voltage: 
3.7 to 7.4v 
Weight: 0.23oz (6.6g) 
Dimensions: 1.18 x 0.91 x 0.55in (30.0 x 23.3 x 14.0mm) 
Frequency: 2.4GHz FH3/FH4T (Selectable Via Transmitter) 
Fail Safe Support: Yes (All Channels) 
Battery Voltage Fail Safe Limit: 3.5 to 5.0v (FH3) / 3.5 to 7.4v (FH4) 


  • M12S Super FH4T Digital High-Response Transmitter
  • RX-472 FH4T Super Response SSL Receiver
  • 2S 6.6V 1850mAh Li-Fe Battery Pac
  • 7.3V 500mAh AC Wall Charger
  • Receiver On/Off Switch
  • Optional Grips (Large and Small)
  • Optional Steering Wheel Angle Plates (Right and Left)
  • Optional Large Diameter Steering Wheel
  • Optional Steering Wheel Offset Plate w/Upper Cover
  • Optional Steering Wheel Springs (Soft and Hard)
  • Optional Throttle Trigger Angle Brackets (Thin and Thick)
  • Optional Throttle Trigger Covers (Medium and Thick)
  • Receiver Dust Boot Covers
  • Transmitter Wrist Strap Mount

About M12S Super Response Modes:
 If you're using Analog servos in your model, DO NOT use the SHR or SSR Channel Response Mode for those channels. Use the NOR Channel Response Mode with Analog servos. Using SHR or SSR Channel Response Modes with Analog servos can result in poor performance or even damage to the servos and/or the receiver. SHR and SSR Channel Response Modes should only be used with Digital servos. While the SHR Channel Response Mode can be used with any brand of Digital servo, the SSR Channel Response Mode should only be used with Airtronics or Sanwa Super Response SRG Digital servos. Not all ESCs are compatible with SHR or SSR Channel Response Modes. If your ESC does not operate correctly, change the Throttle Channel Response Mode to NOR. SSR Channel Response Mode is only available when used with compatible FH4 or FH4T Super Response receiver. 

About Telemetry Support: The included RX-472 2.4GHz FH4T Super Response SSL receiver does not feature full Telemetry support (e.g., Temperature data and RPM/Speed data). Full Telemetry capability is supported only when used with a Sanwa Super Vortex series ESC plugged into the SSL slot. This is due to the fact that full internal Telemetry support slows the Response Time of the receiver and Sanwa chose to include a receiver that will allow you fastest Response Time possible for competition racing. Full Telemetry support requires the use of an Airtronics or Sanwa 2.4GHz FH4T Telemetry-capable surface receiver (RX-461, RX-462) or SSL-compatible ESC (e.g. Super Vortex series ESC). Steering and Throttle Output and Lap Times can still be viewed when used with non-Telemetry capable receivers.

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