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Vendor: IMAX



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Input voltage: DC 11V-18V
Output current: 5A
Charger power: 50W
Charging Model: pre-charged, steady current, monitoring, automatic protection
Charging Capability: 2~6 series Lipo battery
Max Power: 50W 
Size: 115x75x28mm

Charger Cells for LI battery Charge current range Circuit power weight
B3 Compact 3cells 850mA 25W 180g
B4 Compact 4cells 0.5-4A 35W 160g
B6 PRO 6cells 0.1-5A 50W 333g
  iMaxRC B6 Compct INCLUDES

iMaxRC B6 Compact Charger*1
DC Input Cable*1
Output Cable*1
Instruction manual*1


This charger is compact and light, which can only charge 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s Lipo battery pack, especially it has separated balance port corresponding to each size of battery pack.


1.New technology, automatic detection of battery capacity, regardless of the size of the capacity of the battery, take the most appropriate current to charge the battery faster until the battery is fully charged.

2.High accuracy, when the battery is fully charged, the voltage of each cell is: LiPo (4.20±0.01V ).

3.Easy to use and operate.

4.The charging state of each cell is clearly showing.

iMaxRC B6 Compact HOW TO USE

1. Insert the power supply, the buzzer rings half a second, all the lights are green color show that the charger boot normally. After the rechargeable battery inserted correctly, the corresponding light become red color and start charging. After charging period of time, if all lights change to orange color, it shows the battery capacity has reached to 90% above, when if all lights change to green color, it explains that the battery has already full. And the buzzer rings every minute, until the battery is taken off.

2. Connect the proper Lipo battery (2~6 cells) with charger as instruction.

3. After the battery and charger are connected, the charger will get into the charging program automatically, the charging current is automatically set by charger. Please Note: if the battery and charger are connected in reverse, the charger will not begin to charger and send an alert (buzzer rings, light flashes).

4. 6 indicator lights correspond to the batteries inserted separately. The indicator light corresponding to the port no battery is charged turns green, while the indicator light turns red if the battery is charged. When battery is fully charged, the corresponding indicator light will turn green.

iMaxRC B6 Compact Warnings

1. Always refer to battery specifications before using the charger.

2. Never leave the working charger unsupervised.

3. Never let children operate the charger without supervision from an adult.

4. Use the charger in a well-ventilated area, away from people and electrically conductive or inflammable materials.

5. The charger can become hot during use. Take great care before handling it.

6. If any unusual happened to the charger being powered, stop charging and check the manual immediately.

7. Keep the charger well away from dust, damp, rain, heat, direct sunshine and vibration. Never drop it.

8. The charger and the battery should be put on a heat-resistant, noninflammable and nonconductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet or similar. Keep all the inflammable, volatile materials away from operating area.

9. People who are not familiar with the charger never try to use it. We are not responsible for damage to people caused by all kinds of reasons, and fire disaster caused by chargers. Please operate safety.