View password page 60000 RPM Motor Set CL-0615-19 Insanity Speed Tiny Whoop Power Whoop

Vendor: ExcelRC



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Insanely speedy 6 mm x 15 mm motors Fastest CL-0615 around


These are perfect for your next power whoop upgrade!

We have searched and found the fastest motors for the Tiny Whoop that we could.

These are faster than the CL-0615-14 that are around.

These spin at 60000 RPM.  They are considered to the be the fastest 6mmx15mm motor that is available today.

(2 x CW 2 x CCW) Included in the package.

These are perfect for the Power Whoop using the upgraded Power Whoop Conenctors.


Can diameter: 6mm

 Can length: 15mm

 Shaft length: 5mm

 Shaft diameter: 0.8mm

 Wire length: 70mm

 Weight (1 motor): 1.8g

Rated lifespan: 5-6 hours

Connector: Micro JST 1.25mm

Red and blue wires=clockwise (CW)

Black and white wires=counter-clockwise (CCW)