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DasMikro DSK-140 FLYSKY 4CH Receiver with 1.5mm JST

Vendor: DasMikro



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DasMikro DSK-140 FLYSKY 4CHReceiver with 1.5mm JST



This 2.4G RCreceiver uses AFHDS (FHS for KT-19)  protocol.



1. FLYSKY AFHDSprotocol compatible

2. High performanceCPU enhance precision control feeling

3. 4 channel servosignal, i-BUS and PPM signal support

4. Micro size (21mmx 15mm)

5. Added failsafefunction

6. OperatingVoltage 3.5V - 12V:

7. Weight: 3g



1. Press the BINDbutton and power on the receiver, the receiver?s led will flash quickly.

2. Put thetransmitter into bind mode. The receiver?s led will flash slowly when thebinding is successful.

3. Disconnectreceiver?s power and reconnect the power cable to the receiver. Now is shouldworking normally.


Compatible Transmitters:


?        FLYSKYGT2 

?        FLYSKY GT3B 

?        FLYSKY GT3C 



Package Included:

1 x Receiver

4 x 1.5mm 3P JSTplug with high quality silicon cable