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Light Bulb Smoke Stopper XT60

Vendor: Bengineering Labs



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-Bulb: 3157 Automotive Bulb 

-Wire: 14 Gauge 

-Connector: XT60 male and female

-Input: 1S to 6S Batteries 

How it works:

-First plug it in.

-If there is no short circuit the bulb will dimly light up and all electronics will initialize normally.

-If there is a short circuit the bulb will light up very bright to limit the current that gets to the electronics. 

**The brightness of the bulb will depend on input voltage**


Note: Solid State Smoke Inhibitor/ Lightbulbs / Fuses / Circuit breakers are not 100% foolproof way of keeping the magic smoke in. It’s always best to use in conjunction with a multimeter. This is NOT an end all be all kind of protection. Nothing is. It is best at protecting against a soldering short. If you wire something wrong, it will likely still blow (ie apply 16v to a 5v system). This is a failsafe, one that will probably help you but may not depending on the kind of error you make. Double check wiring schematics, check your gear with a multimeter, and lastly use a Smoke Stopper. Do not wire things up randomly and hope a Smoke Stopper will save you - that's a bold move Cotton!