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ImmersionRC TrampHV International Version

Vendor: immersionRC



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The Ultimate vTx for Racers

  No Compromises, No Competition, Introducing the Tiny, Lightweight, Tramp(oline) HV   SEE LATEST TRAMP HV STUFF     Smallest, Lightest in the Business

This is the smallest, lightest, high-power, high-voltage A/V Transmitter in the business, 31 x 20mm, with a slender 17mm waist, weighing only 4 grams!

Even at this size, the traditional ImmersionRC 5V filtered camera power supply is also included. Twin ground cables from the tiny locking connectors ensure that noisy supply currents keep the camera supply clean.

To cap it off, in addition to running directly from a 2s-4s (HV) LiPo, the TrampHV will happily run from a 5V supply already available in the quad.

 Smallest direct LiPo powered vTx in the business.  TNR Touch-free wand control  Traditional button+LED control of frequency and power  1mW -> 600mW linear power control  All 40 standard channels  Built-in thermal protection  Factory power normalization  Glitch-Free frequency changes  Micro-power pit mode  Additional channels for race events (Race Wand only)  Retail regional locking without opening package     Pit Mode The ImmersionRC TrampHV was the first transmitter to support Pit Mode, which was introduced successfully at the FPVAirShow in France. Pit mode transmits a tiny amount of power on a pre-defined frequency to allow for quad setup at a race event without disrupting the show. Pit mode on the TrampHV is a little different than other offerings, being controlled by race directors transparently at drone races. A race director can stay legal by choosing a pit frequency authorized for use at the event, which can be different for events in different regions. Programmed at the event using the Touch’n’Race wand.     Touch ‘n’ Race for Race Directors Touch’n’Race, a patent-pending technology which helps both the casual racer, and race directors alike.
Transmitters are placed in Race mode upon arrival at a race event, and remain in that mode until the event is over. Race directors can, without powering up a model, define the frequency and power output of the transmitter, in 5 seconds flat before a race starts.
As soon as the race is over, and the battery disconnected, the TrampHV reverts to it’s race-director defined mode. Massively decreased inter-heat times are possible with this technology, meaning more practice runs, more qualifiers, and races which start and finish on-time (a rarity in the world of drone racing today). More importantly, the chances of a race being disrupted by an accidental power-up in the pits are eliminated, a dream for race organizers.     Touch ‘n’ Race for Pilots Why let race directors have all the fun?. The personal TNR wand avoids dip-switch hell even in the local park. Touch-free programming of video transmitters before you launch, eliminating frequency collisions, eliminating the ‘what channel was I on last’ question, and allowing power levels to be modified between flights to adapt to local conditions. Note that the wand is not required to operate the transmitter. A traditional button + LED user interface may also be used to program channel, band, and power level.     Thermally Protected We have all experienced long delays at the starting grid before starting a race. No airflow over the electronics and video transmitters overheating. Most video transmitters (even the higher end units) have no thermal protection whatsoever and will happily cook themselves and prematurely fail. The TrampHV is a little different. It constantly monitors the temperature of the Tx, and gracefully reduces power output to increase battery life and protect the transmitter. As soon as the props start spinning, it detects the temperature reduction and quickly boosts power output.       Screened for Protection, and Certification The only Video Transmitter in this size and weight class with a fully screened RF deck, providing protection against dust, dirt and knocks, while ensuring smooth sailing through the RTT&E certification process. An optional plastic case can be easily installed to increase this protection even further, without adding excessive size and weight.     LapRF Certified The TrampHV was designed alongside ImmersionRC’s RF Lap Timing system, with certified compatibility. LapRF eliminates the need for transponders on the quad for lap timing, and instead uses the energy emitted by the 5.8GHz transmitter on the quadcopter. Two LapRF versions will be available, a 16-channel race version for larger events, and a personal system no larger than a hockey puck for personal use (up to 4 pilots). Both versions sport a wireless connection to a smart phone for timing and configuration.       OEM Integration A telemetry port on the TrampHV allows tight integration with any quad equipped with a spare serial port. Program the channel, band, and power level, along with special modes such as Pit Mode.       Anti-Glitch Another first, introduced by ImmersionRC at FPVAirRace, is technology which allows video transmitters to power up cleanly on their assigned channel without wiping out neighboring channels. Gone are the days when your fellow pilots need to hover safely why you power up beside them. This technology enables asynchronous race starts, where pilots join a race at any time without creating any interference.       Calibrated Power Each and every TrampHV is factory calibrated to ensure precise power outputs, especially at the critical low-power race levels. No more cross-talk from 25mW transmitters which are instead emitting 200mW!, or worse, 25mW transmitters which emit much lower power levels. No more RF lap timing issues caused by pilots running wildly different power levels.       We Know Racing! ImmersionRC has been involved in drone racing since the early days. Creators of the ubiquitous RaceBand, and involved in providing technology for some of the largest racing events to date, we have poured significant resources into racing, and more importantly, learned from these events. Our employees race, we ‘eat our own dogfood’, and we will continue to advance the state of the art.       SPECIFICATIONS & SUPPORT FILES     PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Initial Release Date: Sept 2016 Price: 39.99 USD Retail Dimensions: L=32mm x W=20mm x H=8mm Weight: 4g (Tx only, without SMA cable) Power Output: Programmable, 1mW to > 600mW Channels: 48 standard, arbitrary using race wand RF Impedance: 50 ohms RF Connector: U.FL AV Connector: JST-GH, 6 pin, locking TNR Connector: JST-GH, 4 pin, locking Audio: Mono, Subcarriers on 6.0 and 6.5MHz (cloned) Modulation: FM, Audio and Video Pit Frequency: User/Race Organizer Definable Video Impedance: 75 ohms Power Requirements: 2s-4s HV Lipo Power Consumption:  ~4W max. @ 600mW, ~1.9W @ 200mW