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Flywoo Mr. Croc-SL 5" Freestyle Frame Kit

Vendor: FLYWOO



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FLYWOO Mr.Croc-SL Frame Design for FreeStyle 5"-5.2" inch racing FreeStyle,Low barycenter Design, no need to remove any parts to switch flight modes, four switching modes,
three reserved space for installation of electronic equipment etc, The camera can't see the propeller.

Item Name: Mr.Croc-SL 225mm Frame Kit
Wheel base: 225mm(HX)/235mm(SX)
Size: front width 210mm/back width 210mm
Material: 100% 3K carbon fiber
Thickness of arms: 5mm
Thickness of top plate: 2mm
Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm
Weight: 125g

Package included:
1 x Mr.Croc-SL 225mm frame kit
1 x 20mm*200mm battery strap