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EMAX Nano 5.8G 50mm FPV Antenna - RHCP Red MMCX

Vendor: Emax



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Introducing the EMAX Nano FPV antenna, the world's smallest and lightest circular polarized 5.8MHz antenna to date!

Engineered from the ground up for performance and size, the head of the Nano comes in at .85 grams, resulting in the perfect antenna for small, lightweight builds while maximizing the transmission range with a 3dbi gain. 

Featuring a range of different connector options, the Nano will work with any standard VTX featuring SMA, MMCX, or UFL connection options in both RHCP and LHCP!


Weight: 3.5g

Length: 50mm

Gain: 3dBi

VSWR: <1.5:1

Frequency: 5650-5950 MHz