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DYS BE1104 4000kv Motor

Vendor: DYS



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DYS BE1104-4000KV Multi-rotor Motor (Black)

The DYS BE series of motors are a balance of quality, performance and price. All BX motors come with integrated one piece CNC motor housing and prop shaft making for a light, strong and compact design.

The DYS BE1104-4000KV multi-rotor motor is ideal for small (120 and less) multi-rotors that require a lightweight, small size, high speed motors. You will need propellers that have 3 holes (1 for the shaft and 2 for mounting screws) as the propeller needs to screw directly onto the top of the motor. This motor is an ideal match for the DYS XM10 10A ESC and DYS ABS3020 propellers.

• For 120mm or smaller frames
• Small size (14mm Dia.) and lightweight (5.5g)

Rpm/V: 4000KV
Dimensions(Dia.xL): 14*16.5mm
Weight: 5.5g
Shaft: 1.5mm
Voltage: 2S~4S (7.4v to 14.8v)
Watts: 81.4W
Max Current: 5.5A
Suggested Prop: 3020 (3S 11.1v~4S 14.8v)
Motor Mount Holes: M2 x 9mm
Propeller Mount Holes: M2 x 5mm 

1 x BE1104-4000KV Motor
4 x M2x4mm Screws
4 x M2x6mm Screws

Multirotor Carbon Fiber T-Style Propeller 3028 (CW/CCW) (2pcs)

Thrust Data:
Prop    V    Amps  Watts  Thrust(g)
3020  11.1  1.1     12.2    50
3020  11.1  2.9     32.2   100
3020  11.1  4.3     47.7   144
3020  14.8  1.2     17.8     60
3020  14.8  2.8     41.4   120
3020  14.8  5.5     81.4   190