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BetaFPV 2S Lite Brushless Flight Controller

Vendor: BetaFPV



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Bullet Points:

The first 2S Brushless FC board with Silverware firmware in the current market, can totally support 2S brushless motor. This must be the most simple and affordable method to try whoop FPV racing hobby.
Supports Acromode, Levelmode, Racemode_Angle, Racemode_Horizon, Horizonmode and Turtle mode. Also it has the ability to change settings for custom builds or or to adapt to personal preferences by OSD menu.
Bulid-in OSD, allows you to select viewing options, such as voltage of battery, flight time, flight mode and setting menu. Includes OSD menu, supports PID tuning, motor rotation changing and channel mapping of AETR/TAER switching via OSD menu.
Built-in Bayang protocol native receiver, various external receiver for your choice: supports SBUS protocol, including Frsky xm / xm+ receiver, Futaba receiver and Crossfire receiver and DSMX receiver.
Convenient operation for switching receiver communication protocol: Bayang / SBUS / DSMX, since you can switch it directly by button.
The flight controller board comes pre-flashed with Silverware firmware, and pre-soldered 55mm power cable pigtail withXT30 cable.


CPU: STM32F031F6P6 (64MHZ )
Six-Axis: MPU6050
Size: 26mm x 26mm, whoop mounting pattern
Firmware version: LiteSilverware firmware
Build-in Receiver: Bayang protocol
Supported Receiver: SBUS protocol or DSMX protocol
Power Cable: 55mm, with XT30 cable
Weight: 3.6g (without cable)


Built-in ESC with 5A coutinuous and peak 6A current
Input voltage: 1-2S lipo
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Motor Connectors: 1.25mm header pins connector
Factory firmware:S_H_50_REV16_7.HEX
Signal Support:D-shot150, D-shot300, D-shot600(Default), Oneshot125